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Why Use Cloud-Based ParityFactory? Peace of Mind.


For the last ten years, nearly every organization offering a technology service or product has invested time and resources in offering some form of cloud hosting. Organizations creating products for food manufacturers and food processors are no exception. But so often in the decision-making process, the most important question of cloud computing is ignored: Why cloud computing? 

For ParityFactory, this is a beautifully simple answer: Peace of mind. 

ParityFactory supports on-premises needs and offers a cloud-based model, the latter of which allows customers the ability to enjoy the full features of ParityFactory without the headache of administrating a server. Headaches of the past, such as Windows and SQL Server updates, will be handled for you with minimal downtime. 

If You Have the Internet to Support It, Cloud-Based ParityFactory Makes Sense. 

If you are in a region with unstable or intermittent internet, like Alaska, we would still recommend hosting on-premises.  

But if you have the internet to support it, we always, always recommend cloud hosted ParityFactory. It’s secure. It’s backed up by Amazon daily. It eliminates most IT issues. We can take care of everything. About 95% of our new customers select cloud hosting from ParityFactory.  

Cloud-Based ParityFactory Improves Both Security and Usability. 

Our cloud services offer robust security and easy to access VPN options that will allow your users to access your site with a simple URL rather than having to figure out Remote Desktop Connections or any other technology they may not be familiar with. 

Along with this access security comes the security offered from the frequent imaging and backup options that we offer to protect you from ransomware and data loss. 

Additionally, Cloud based systems allow our team the easiest access and fullest control of your environment, which in turns allows us to leverage our expertise in what environmental factors work best for our software. 

Perhaps Most Importantly, Cloud-Based ParityFactory Offers Stability to Your Environment. 

ParityFactory cloud environments currently run off Amazon Web Services, which boast a greater than 99% uptime. This translates to virtually no downtime for your system, allowing you to make use of our industry-acclaimed software without interruption!

(Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash)



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